Bringing Order to Life’s Transitions

Selecting a Successor Trustee

The selection of a trustee is one of the most important decisions to be made. In addition to being honest and of high integrity, trustees must have the time, capacity, and qualifications required to administer the trust. Choosing an unbiased, outside party, such as a fiduciary, can help alleviate family conflicts.

Family members are frequently designated as trustees.  This is understandable, given strong family ties, trustworthiness, history, or tradition. Yet sometimes even the most well-intentioned and dependable family member struggles under the responsibilities of trust administration. This is one example where a successor trustee can be named, in lieu of a family member, relieving them of pressure, worry, or misunderstanding. A disinterested professional trustee can be a calming influence.

Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Successor Trustee